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The new Koralia 340 will join our liKoralia 340 moodne up of MPS organs. A compact three manual organ in a high quality oak console. With understated elegance the console has clean lines and abundance of solid oak that give it an unmistakable air of style and quality. 4 specs, 3 manuals and Hauptwerk mode. This is a great value quality three manual at just £10,650 inc vat. Full spec to be posted soon.

Click Wyvern Pavane 340 for brief demo of the open console version. Other Wyvern MPS organs from just £5,950

Just installed: Pavane 224, New Apostolic Church, Nottingham; Sonata 232 Trinity Church, Deal; Minuet 224, St Thomas Moore Catholic Church, Marlborough; Wyvern Custom 2 manual drawstop, St Wulfran’s, Ovingdean.

Other videos:
Wyvern Minuet. Wyvern Minuet Demo.
Setting pistons. Piston Tutor
Toccata voicing session Wyvern Toccata
Custom built for Worth Abbey Worth Abbey Recital, D’Arcy Trinkwon

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