Dunscore Parish Church

Dunscore Parish Church


This attractive Victorian Kirk dates from 1823 and was combined with the churches of Moniave and Glencairn into a single parish. These sister churches have already had Wyvern organs installed and being of similar size to the church at Glencairn it was decided to have the same instrument, a Wyvern Sonata CH6.

Dunscore is typical in architectural style of many Victorian churches in Scotland and has the remnants of box pews and a gallery that runs down both sides and across the back of the church.

This make for an attractive building but does present a challenge for the organ builder whether pipe or electronic. Ultimately the console has to be located beneath one of the galleries leaving the organist “shaded” from the sound enjoyed by those seated in the more open body of the church. This organ, a Wyvern Sonata CH6 has a six channel external system configured with two channels each for Swell, Great and Pedal. To alleviate the sound drop off below the gallery internal speakers act as monitors to supplement the sound from main speaker system.

The Sonata CH6 is a larger version of this popular organ with a six way audio system with two channels each per department. The speakers are installed at the extremes of the gallery facing obliquely up towards the roof giving a near even spread of sound throughout to the congregation below.