Mr B. Pendle

Bernard Pendle a keen musician and organist commissioned this large Wyvern custom organ for his house in Wiltshire. The decision was finally taken following extensive research by Bernard and a fellow organist who spent a year researching the market and travelling throughout the UK in search of his ideal three manual organ. They were both impressed with the two manual Wyvern Pastorale that we had in the showroom and agreed that it was the finest electronic organ either of them had heard.

The realism of the original Pastorale was due to a combination of good voicing and a high number of generators and channels. We then took that design to a three manual but crucially retained the high ratio of resources so that each stop really did what it said. We also moved to higher quality Kimber Allen stop driver units with full moving action. Bernard and his wife are happy to invite fellow enthusiasts to his home to try the instrument and says: “It really does outperform all the competitors by the proverbial country mile!”