St Helen’s Church

St Helen’s Church


During term time the local Cothill School fill this church every Sunday. The existing instrument, a single manual and pedal pipe organ, has a pleasing sweet tone but is totally inadequate.

Having been greatly impressed by the Wyvern at St. Johns Parish Church at Hook, we were invited to build an instrument of similar proportions. Accordingly we have now installed an illuminated stop-tablet instrument of 28 carefully chosen stops plus a Swell Octave coupler. With an eight channel audio system (six nave and two chancel) they now have an instrument with adequate power to accompany a full church, yet variety and delicacy to accompany fine music sung by the choir.

As with all historic buildings, we pay special attention to the aesthetics of the installation; the design of the console and, in particular the speaker system. In this case, the nave speakers have been discretely installed above the wall plate, while the chancel speakers have been mounted on the roof timbers in the vestry.