The Parish Church of St Michael

The Parish Church of St Michael


The Parish Church of St Michael suffered a devastating fire in September 1994. The Church authorities saw the devastation as an opportunity to bring the building into the twenty-first century. The architect John Bailey was commissioned to draw up plans that included a library, meeting rooms and a Lady Chapel suitable for mid-week worship. Wyvern were asked to submit a scheme for a replacement organ worthy of this large building and suggested a three manual drawstop organ with a large speaker system. The stop list was drawn up in consultation with the organist Michael Cullen.

The custom instrument was designed to be both an accompanimental instrument but also capable of playing music from French, English and German schools. It now supports congregational singing and the power of the full swell is heard rumbling in the background for choir anthems and accompaniment of prayer book psalms, as well as modern liturgy. 

“The organ has turned out exactly as I pictured it. It fulfills every purpose it is used for. It is so pipe like”. Michael Cullen Organist. 
“Wyvern proved to be an efficient supplier with concise expert advice and prompt responses, with spatial and electrical technical requirements, installation and commissioning”. John Bailey Architect.