Custom Organs

Wyvern 232DS/ST


The Wyvern 232 has a specification that will meet the requirements of most medium sized churches. A high quality generating system capable of producing the multi-harmonics of pipe ranks, together with a realistic additive chorus and 32 speaking stops, all of very high quality, offers more than adequate tonal resources.

The Great Diapason chorus is scaled in traditional British fashion and includes a 16ft. The 8ft Open has a warm tone, designed to emulate the well-loved Hill variety. A 4-rank Mixture adds brilliance without shrillness. The Stopped Diapason is full of old-world character, with plenty of ‘breathiness’ and chiff – contrasting well with the cleaner Waldflöte. A soft and refined Dulciana makes a suitable accompaniment for most of the Swell solo voices. The Clarinet was unashamedly modelled from one of Father Willis’s, while the Trumpet is suitable either as a solo or chorus reed.

The Swell is equally impressive with another Diapason chorus based on the 8ft Geigen and the 4ft Principal, with the 12th, 15th. 19th. and 22nd. contained within the 4-rank mixture. The B235 has the luxury of a second mixture containing the 12th and 17th.

There are five pitches of flutes, offering some delightful baroque effects, plus a two-rank Voix Celeste. A creamy Swell Oboe makes a useful solo stop. Chorus reeds in 16ft. and 8ft. of contrasting tone give a splash of colour to the full Swell.

An octave coupler adds the final touch. The tremulant operates only on this manual, in traditional fashion. The Pedal also has a fully developed Diapason chorus, a deep and pervading Contra Bourdon 32 plus an 8ft flute. The big Ophicleide gives weight to the Pedal – rich and throaty, its power adding further colour and definition.


6 thumb pistons + Cancel to Great (& Pedal) 6 thumb pistons + Cancel to Swell 6 general thumb pistons Thumb & toe piston reversers - Gt/Ped Sw/Ped Sw/Gt Two 61 note manuals, 32 note pedalboard. Expression Pedal - Swell Setter piston General cancel piston Midi: in/out/thru 6 piston memories Transposer Melodic Bass Reverberation: time & volume. On/off switch. Master volume control. Stereo headphone socket. Stereo recording sockets.


Height 45 5/8” 1160mm Width 58” 1470mm Depth 27 1/2” 700mm Depth inc. pedalboard 45” 1143mm



  • Open Wood     16
  • Bourdon     16
  • Octave     8
  • Bass Flute     8
  • Octave Flute 4
  • Mixture     IVrks
  • Trombone     16
  • iii) Great to Pedal
  • iv) Swell to Pedal
  • v) Great & Pedal Pistons Coupled


  • Bourdon     16
  • Open Diapason 1  8
  • Open Diapason 2 8
  • Clarabella 8
  • Dulciana 8
  • Principal 4
  • Harmonic Flute     4
  • Twelfth     2.2/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Fourniture     IVrks
  • Clarinet     8
  • Posaune 8
  • i) Swell to Great


  • Contra Salicional 16
  • Geigen Diapason     8
  • Lieblich Gedeckt     8
  • Salicional 8
  • Voix Celeste      8
  • Geigen Principal     4
  • Rohr Flute     4
  • Nasard     2.2/3
  • Piccolo     2
  • Tierce     1 3/5
  • Mixture 15.19.22     IIIrks
  • Contra Fagotto     16
  • Trumpet     8
  • ii) Tremulant