Custom Organs

Wyvern 338DS/ST


The Wyvern 338 has been designed for traditional churches that require the flexibility of three manuals, but where the primary consideration is tonal quality rather than the number of stops. These organs are real gems, totally traditional in all respects, with only the Swell plus Choir under expression. Drawstop consoles have stops arranged in conventional two column layout or the same specification can be built into a drawstop console but with side tab control.

As with all Wyvern custom organs the specification can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Although relatively small specifications, each stop has been carefully chosen, beautifully voiced and full of character. The objective is to produce a small yet adequate organ that would be a worthy replacement for an ailing pipe organ.

For example, a properly developed 8ft Diapason and maybe the 4ft Octave on a pipe organ would normally be ample to accompany the congregation. With some electronic organs, one might have to use several stops to get a less-effective result. Not so here – the emphasis is quality not quantity and the realism is startling!

The drawstops are the same high quality units as used in most of our cathedral instruments, with a double-solenoid action, being physically moved in or out by the pistons. These have capture-action control that can be pre-set by the player, who can add or subtract stops to any piston combination – a feature not possible with blind actions. They are fully equipped with six independent memory banks, melodic bass, transposer and adjustable reverberation. These controls are discreetly displayed via an lcd screen. Thus the console is free from knobs and switches that may confuse those used only to the traditional instrument.


Expression Pedal Swell Expression Pedal Choir Gt/Ped enclosed (Ch. exp Ped) 5 Pistons to Choir 5 Pistons to Great 5 Pistons to Swell Thumb & toe piston reversers: Gt/Ped Sw/Ped Sw/Gt Thumb piston reversers-Ch/Ped. Ch./Gt General cancel piston Setter piston 6 Piston memories Melodic bass Reverberation time+volume


Height: 48 3/4” / 1224mm Width: 57” / 1450mm Depth: 27 1/2” / 700mm Depth inc. pedalboard: 45” / 1143mm



  • Sub Bass  32
  • Open Diapason     16
  • Bourdon     16
  • Octave     8
  • Bass Flute     8
  • Fifteenth  4
  • Mixture IVrks
  • Ophicleide     16
  • vi) Choir to Pedal
  • vii) Great to Pedal
  • viii) Swell to Pedal
  • ix) Gt and Ped Pistons coupled


  • Double Open Diapason     16
  • Open Diapason No. 1  8
  • Open Diapason No. 2    8
  • Claribel Flute 8
  • Principal 4
  • Open Flute 4
  • Twelfth     2.2/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Sesquialtera 17.19.22 IIIrks
  • Sharp Mixture  26.29.33 IIIrks
  • Tromba 8
  • i) Swell to Great
  • ii) Choir to Great


  • Open Diapason     8
  • Rohr Gedackt     8
  • Viola da Gamba  8
  • Voix Celestes II     8
  • Principal     4
  • Spitz Flute     4
  • Flageolet     2
  • Mixture     IVrks
  • Contra Fagotto     16
  • Trumpet     8
  • Clarinet 8
  • Clarion  4
  • ii) Tremulant
  • iv) Sub Octave


  • Stopped Diapason    8
  • Italian Principal 4
  • Nason Flute     4
  • Nasard     2.2/3
  • Block Flute 2
  • Tierce     1.3/5
  • Clarinet     8
  • v) Tremulant