Second Hand Organs

Wyvern B235



Two x 61 note manuals, 32 note R & C pedalboard, custom built Wyvern-Phoenix system. This is a truly versatile organ with four specifications, the first of which is Traditional English as engraved on the stop tabs. The organ can then be switched to French, German and a further English/American stop list. Each specification has 35 stops including a 32′ and a wealth of mixture work, general and departmental pistons. The organ is housed in a quality hand crafted console finished in Georgian oak and comes complete with a compact sub bass cube. It could be converted for external audio and configured to suit a medium sized church. Alternatively it would be ideal as it is S:H B235for a discerning home organist that wants a high quality instrument to register for a wide range of repertoire without too much wallet bashing!