Wyvern MPS range

Wyvern Pavane 224



The new Wyvern Pavane 224 has an understated classical look housed in an open compact console with high quality tracker touch keyboards. This console exudes quality where there is an abundance of solid oak including all edges, the music desk, bench top and key blocks.

The compact dimensions make it ideal for use where space may be limited. The organ is supplied with a 30 note radial/concave pedalboard, programmable general pistons, single wooden expression pedal and a back-lit voice controller.

The Wyvern Pavane is designed with an emphasis on tonal quality.  Each rank is individually generated giving faithful realism and rich choruses. The powerful tone generation system and refined voicing data ensures that each stop is of exceptional quality and retains its individual character. As with all Wyvern MPS organs the engraved specification is firmly in the English tradition plus the organist has a further choice of three alternative specifications; Romantic, Baroque and Classical.

The voice controller enables the organist to customise the characteristics of each stop to suit their own requirements or the acoustic of the building. This includes individual control of chorus, tone, pitch, volume and the ability to regulate on a note-by-note basis.  For church use a wide range of external speakers are available plus the option of internal monitors if required.



Two 61 note "tracker touch" manuals. Swell expression pedal. Great and Pedal enclosed piston. 6 General pistons. Setter piston. General cancel piston. Reeds off piston. Midi switches on/off Pedal, Great & Swell. Audio 6 x 30 watt digital amplifiers, 6 x speakers. Personal voicing unit.


Width 1260mm Height 1110mm Depth 510mm
Depth inc. pedalboard 940mm.
Total weight 124kgs



  • Bourdon 16
  • Flute 8
  • Fifteenth 4
  • Trombone 16
  • Trumpet 8
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
  • Monobass


  • Bourdon 16
  • Open Diapason 8
  • Stopped Diapason 8
  • Principal 4
  • Suabe Flute 4
  • Twelfth 2 2/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Cornet V
  • Mixture IV
  • Trumpet 8
  • Tremulant
  • Swell to Great


  • Open Diapason 8
  • Salicional 8
  • Vox Angelica 8
  • Flute 4
  • Nasard 2 2/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Mixture 22.26.29 III
  • Cornopean 8
  • Hautboy 8
  • Tremulant