Wyvern MPS range

Wyvern Prelude 124



The Wyvern Prelude is a single manual organ with a sound that belies its compact dimensions.

Designed primarily for the chapel where the services of an experienced organist may not be available, so the organ has a number of easy to use features including an auto bass where a range of pedal stops are available from the manual, ensuring that the glory of ‘full organ’ is available to players of all levels. The organ is designed for ease of use so all controls are logical and kept to a minimum.

To assist registration changes, stop combinations can be selected and assigned to a bank of six general pistons that are stored in long term memory. There are overall volume and reverb controls on simple rotary knobs.

The handsome real wood veneer consoles has edges lipped in solid oak giving it an air of quality. Available in a choice of light or dark oak console. The Prelude has a locking fall and a matching oak bench with an integral music compartment. If required the organ can be ordered with the optional Voice Control Unit. Here the more experienced player can adjust stop volumes, Reverb, Pitch, Wind pressure Fluctuation, Tuning Temperaments, Tremulants, Transposer, Pitch Change on Attack and Chiff. However, the less experienced player can ignore this feature.

“Everyone loves the new organ. It has a beautiful sound. We are very happy with it.” Sr Elsy Poonoly, More Hall Convent, Stroud.


Single manual 61 notes with Pedal section via monobass, Great stops via lower section of keyboard, Swell stops from upper section of keyboard.


Width 1130mm Height 910mm Depth 390mm. Total weight 59kgs



  • Bourdon 16
  • Principal 8
  • Fifteenth 4
  • Trombone 16


  • Open Diapason8
  • Stopped Diapason 8
  • Vox Angelica II 8
  • Principal 4
  • Suabe Flute 4


  • Bourdon16
  • Open Diapason16
  • Stopped Diapason16
  • Salicional8
  • Vox Angelica8
  • Principal4
  • Suabe Flute4
  • Twelth2 2/3
  • Fifteenth2
  • Flageolet2
  • Tierce1 3/5
  • Larigot1
  • MixtureIV
  • Trumpet8
  • Hautboy8