Wyvern MPS range

Wyvern Cantata 226



The new Cantata 226 is specifically designed for the church where sound quality is the paramount consideration.

This organ has a carefully chosen specification of 26 speaking stops that is adequate for most small to medium size churches.  The emphasis is entirely on the quality of tone with all stops independently generated including individual mixture ranks. In addition to the British specification it also contains three other alternative specifications: French; German and Dutch.

The Cantata has a high quality, robust oak console built in the “Shaker” style. It looks impressive with and abundance of solid oak, oak slat roll-top, integral music desk and pedalboard lighting, but it is what lies beneath the surface that really sets this organ apart: an extensive generator system for optimal quality of individual voices and six high powered channels of external audio providing a flexible separation between organ ranks and departments.

The organ can be ordered with a number of options including stop tabs, illuminated drawstops, or motorised action draw stops and revere colour wood keys as illustrated. If required it can be fitted with an internal monitor system with both systems being easily and simply controllable to enable the organist to accurately judge the resulting sound of the organ. Fitted with a comprehensive piston control system with departmental and general pistons, it can also be fitted with toe pistons at additional cost.

The Cantata will have the audio system customised at time of order to suit each application and the organ is voiced and tonally finished on site.


Two 61 note manuals, 30 note radiating concave pedalboard. Expression Pedal to Swell. Optional expression pedal to Great. 6 thumb pistons to Great/Pedal and Swell. Reversible thumb pistons to couplers. Great/Pedal combinations coupled piston. 84 general piston memories and 28 separate piston memories. Setter Piston. General Cancel piston. Auto Pedal piston. 3 programmable audio configurations. Digital amplification; 6x180w (external) and 6 x 35w (internal).


Width: 1670mm Height: 1420mm (with music stand raised) Depth with bench in playing position: 1270mm Total weight: 200kgs



  • Open Wood 16
  • Bourdon 16
  • Principal 8
  • Flute 8
  • Fifteenth 4
  • Trombone 16
  • i Great to Pedal
  • ii Swell to Pedal


  • Bourdon 16
  • Open Diapason 8
  • Stopped Diapason 8
  • Principal 4
  • Suabe Flute 4
  • Twelfth 2 2/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Cornet V
  • Mixture ( IV
  • Trumpet 8
  • Clarinet 8

  • Swell to Great
  • Tremulant


  • Stopped Diapason 8
  • Salicional 8
  • Vox Angelica 8
  • Flute 4
  • Nasard 2.2/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Mixture (22.26.29) III
  • Contra Fagotto 16
  • Cornopean 8
  • Oboe 8