Wyvern MPS range

Wyvern Minuet 224



The new Minuet is designed for the home or for the smaller church. It has a compact console similar to the Sonata and so is ideal for home practice especially if space is limited. Despite its modest size this organ has two full compass 61 note keyboards and a 30 note fully polyphonic, radiating and concave pedalboard.

This organ has a carefully chosen specification of 24 speaking stops the emphasis being on the quality of tone rather than an extensive stop list. In addition to the British specification there are three other alternative specifications: French; German and Dutch. This new version of the Minuet now sports individual departmental pistons as standard. Generals and toe pistons can also be added at additional cost.

The audio system is also impressive; even in standard internal configuration the organ has ten speakers over six audio channels that enable the ranks to be divided.  A “split-semitone” system is also used to give movement to the sound – just one of many inbuilt features that help produce the character of a pipe organ!

The rugged console has an abundance of solid oak including the locking roll top that gives the organ an air of quality. The expression pedal is a robust construction with wooden shoe.


Two 61 note manuals, 30 note radiating concave pedalboard. Expression Pedal to Swell. 6 thumb pistons to Great/Pedal and Swell. Great/Pedal combinations coupled piston. 47 general piston memories (if fitted) and 8 separate piston memories, Setter Piston. General Cancel piston. Midi pistons, 6 x 30 watt digital amplifiers with 10 speakers. 4 programmable specifications.


Width: 1280mm Height: 1160mm Depth: 585mm Depth inc. pedalboard: 960mm Total weight: 133kgs



  • Bourdon     16
  • Flute 8
  • Fifteenth     4
  • Trombone     16
  • Trumpet     8
  • i Great to Pedal
  • ii Swell to Pedal


  • Bourdon    16
  • Open Diapason    8
  • Stopped Diapason     8
  • Principal     4
  • Suabe Flute     4
  • Twelfth     2 2/3
  • Fifteenth     2
  • Cornet     V
  • Mixture     IV
  • Trumpet     8
  • i. Swell to Great
  • Tremulant


  • Stopped Diapason   8
  • Salicional     8
  • Vox Angelica     8
  • Flute 4
  • Nasard     2.2/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Mixture     III
  • Cornopean     8
  • Hautboy     8