Wyvern Advanced Sampling System

At the heart of any Wyvern church organ is a powerful generator system that replicates pipe speech with remarkable accuracy. This replication is achieved by sampling each note across the compass of individual pipe ranks thus giving an accurate harmonic analysis of each organ stop. So for a mixture for example, where there are multiple ranks, each is individually generated to retain the integrity of the original stop.

Pipe organs can have hundreds, if not thousands of pipes, all with their own peculiar characteristics. Even the best pipe organs are not in absolutely perfect regulation and tuning and this, along with other variations of construction, gives each organ its intrinsic character. The Wyvern voicing programme allows control over so many parameters that it is possible to emulate the idiosyncrasies of any pipe organ, or even the style of any one builder.

Wyvern voicing allows an organ to be regulated for pitch and volume, note by note, over every stop, plus full control over transient tone such as chiff and other extraneous pipe noise. Mixture ranks can be added and compositions changed, pistons can be given different functions – even the slump of wind bellows can be replicated. It can provide whatever tonal palate you wish: Romantic, Baroque, French or English; it is the most flexible system available being easily alterable even after the organ has been built – making it the ideal platform for custom building.

The hardware architecture can also be configured to suit each application. On Wyvern custom organs the system is modular, built upon back planes with a number of plug-in voicing cards that accord to the ranks and specification of the organ. This then allows further opportunity to add additional stops in the future and will also accept different memory devices to take advantage of technology improvements.

Audio can also be controlled by software, and stops can be assigned to different parts of the speaker system via the computer. Indeed, the individual semitones of stops can be arranged to replicate different shapes of pipe rank – either in ascending or descending order or any other permutation. Above all it is the overall sound of these instruments that is so impressive.

Expensive, yes, but still just a fraction of the cost of a new pipe-organ or modest rebuild. More importantly, these organs will stand comparison, not with just any pipe organ, but with some of the best examples ever produced. We believe that Wyvern systems allied with high quality consoles has enabled us to produce the most authentic and satisfying instruments available today.