Quentin Bellamy

Hi Guys

I couldn’t possibly let this opportunity pass to praise you to the skies!

It was one of the best things I ever did to make my initial enquiry when I started to look for a home organ. Not only did I find a fabulous Koralia, then a Toccata III, and soon I’ll be taking delivery of a groovy WpX rebuild of a DS80 with all the trimmings – not only all of that, but I met some great new friends! I’m really looking forward to coming to the new showroom to celebrate with Annette and a box of cream cakes when the DS80 nears completion! I am thrilled and delighted with my Toccata III, I was highly delighted with my Koralia which must be the best value for money ANYWHERE, and I can hardly wait for the “new” DS80.

As ever