Wyvern VO335

Wyvern VO335

Like the VO315 there is a fully integrated Hauptwerk system housed in a luxury hand crafted oak console from the Wyvern Pastorale range. Here though the organ featurestwo pull out side screens to display the stop jambs of other sample sets. When not required the screens neatly slide back and are concealed within the console. The organ can also be ordered with optional drawstops that can be assigned to a chosen sample set.

The organ is complete with a 30 note radial concave pedalboard and full-length bench with internal music store. There is a complete set of programmable general pistons. Inside is a powerful bespoke PC plus an extensive internal audio system to complement the accuracy of the samples.

The organ comes preloaded as standard with the Hauptwerk Advanced operating system. In addition it includes a range of sample sets plus some partial sets for evaluation. As an option we can supply and register additional sample sets that we pre load into the organ.

The organ can also be ordered with a range of other options including additional thumb pistons, toe pistons, toe sweeps, wooden key runs, thumb and toe piston reversers to match your preferred sample set organ.

General specification

Three 61 note manuals, 32 note radiating concave pedalboard. 6 General Thumb Pistons, Audio surround sound system with 8 amplifiers and 10 speakers. Midi. Headphone socket. "Shaker-Style" Console featuring extensive use of solid wood. Illuminated drawstops. 2 x 17" retractable colour displays. Hardware 64GB RAM, 2 x2 56 SSD (Raid 0). 1TB HD