Wyvern C336 WpX

Wyvern C336 WpX

We are delighted to be having in another fine example of this popular compact three manual. 3 x 61 note manuals, 32 note R & C pedalboard rebuilt with WpX technology. This lovely organ has full moving action KA drawstops. Usually built with 32 speaking stops of great character this is a particularly nice example with four extra stops. The organ has a traditional British specification and is fully equipped with general and divisional thumb pistons, thumb and toe reversers. It also features a Baroque stop list and can be extended to accomodate up to four separate specifications.

This is a quality hand-crafted console with mainly internal speakers for home use. It also has two small external speakers that can have any stops assigned to in software. The organ has just been updated with latest hardware and software making it virtually a new instrument.

Dimensions: W. 1490 mm D.725 mm H. 1230 mm D. inc pedalboard approx 1000 mm.