Wyvern Organ Ranges

Bespoke Organs

The custom Wyvern concept is to build high quality bespoke organ from a range of suggested specifications that can then be altered to suit individual needs. Stop lists, data and voicing can be rewritten at any time, allowing the organ to benefit from software updates, or altered in the future to reflect changing tastes and needs. The specifications shown here are therefore suggested frameworks that we tailor to your requirements and you can choose from a wide range of options such as piston layouts, keyboards and stop control.

Harmonic analyses of pipe ranks from some of Britain's finest organs provide the basis for our voicing. Every rank of each stop is a separate entity, without borrowing or extension and being independently generated, the individual voices are full of character and remarkably realistic. But it is in the chorus build-up where the Wyvern is so notable, with the richness and grandeur of ensembles characteristic of a fine pipe organ.

Great care is taken to produce elegant and attractive consoles that still retain a traditional appearance. Particular attention has been paid to the detail with a greater emphasis on solid wood capping around areas of potential wear. There is a hinged music desk that is lower and further forward for ease of use and fitted with solid brass music hooks. The roll-top fall is of interlocking slats of solid wood, spindle moulded and fastened with braided steel wire for maximum life. The pedal board is of heavy-duty construction, with beech pedals to give many years of hard wear. Everything about a Wyvern is built to last.

Organists will appreciate the high quality keyboards with their delightfully reassuring crisp top-resistance touch. Heavy-duty key contacts are used to give durable, maintenance free life. There is a substantial full-length bench with a music compartment beneath. Consoles are finished by hand to ensure that these classic instruments look as good as they sound.