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Michael Eddy

Michael Eddy


"I had for some years a 2 manual instrument which had served its purpose as a home practice instrument but it had none of the modern playing aids nor was its tonal aspects anything to get excited about either. Having now moved house I wanted a 3 manual instrument that would not only be a suitable practice organ but would also be a substantial instrument in its own right and one that I would thoroughly enjoy playing.

So where do you start? Having come from the world of purchasing I knew that making a decision for something this complex was going to take some months and a lot of market research. If you are not careful and thorough in your approach, you can easily be swept away on a wave of initial enthusiasm for what might appear, at first sight, to look and sound to be " exactly what you are looking for".

I spent some 4 months visiting various organ manufacturers, which included those using both Real Time Computing systems, and the alternative now widely used, Sampled Sound method. I was particularly keen to have an instrument that was as near as possible to the true pipe organ sound and decided to proceed with the sampled sound method of tone production.

The next hurdle was whether any of the "standard production" type instruments were going to meet my requirements. These instruments are quite impressive and reasonably priced but whilst they have some facility to make adjustments, these are somewhat limited. The Wyvern WPX Custom Build instruments on the other hand, which as the name suggests, allows you not only to design your own specification but has the advantage of extensive adjustments that in effect, mimic those that would be applicable to a pipe organ.

The organ in Gloucester Cathedral had always impressed me for its extensive range of tonal colours and not least its fiery reeds. I wanted an eclectic instrument ideally modelled on the Gloucester organ, which I knew was going to be something of a challenge. Wyvern were most enthusiastic and agreed to produce a 3 manual, 48 stop instrument which as you will see from the specification enables a tremendous freedom of musical expression. The swell and pedal reeds are French, the great reeds English and the positive is German Classical. There is also the Posaune for those big romantic moments!!

What Wyvern has delivered is nothing short of a miracle. The magnificent oak console that adorns my living room is extremely comfortable to play, as indeed is the key action with slight top resistance. There are also external speakers for the positive and pedal departments and the 32' Contra Bombarde has to be heard to be believed!

Electronic organs have come a very long way these days but if you are thinking of buying one then do spend several months researching the market or, just simply talk to Wyvern who will not just try and sell you an organ but will listen to what you are trying to achieve and work with you throughout the project.

I am very grateful to Wyvern for enabling me to have such a superb instrument, both in construction and for its outstanding tonal qualities. My thanks to all of the friendly team for their help and support throughout the project."

Monsignor Thomas Wynne,

Monsignor Thomas Wynne,

St. Margaret's Church, Roy Bridge.

"Our organ had long past its sell-by-date […] but how were we to go about choosing a new organ?  However, the problem was resolved quite unexpectedly.

1 was invited to share a funeral service for a friend in the Church of Scotland, Taynuilt - a small village about twelve miles from Oban in Argyllshire.  As the service proceeded, 1 became aware of the beautiful sound of the organ.  As there were no pipes obvious, 1 realised that this must be one of the modern "electronic" organs.  With such a wonderful pipe-organ tone, it would be ideal for our church.  Speaking to the organist afterwards, she related how the organ was chosen.  She, and another member of the parish, who is a talented musician, were delegated to investigate the most suitable organ for the church within the parish budget.  They travelled extensively throughout Scotland, and both came to the decision that the best, and most realistic pipe-organ tone they had heard, was a digital Wyvern - and it was within their budget!  This was good enough for me.  Later 1 took my organist to Taynuilt, and she, likewise, was equally impressed.

When 1 phoned Wyvern, 1 was greeted by the very cheery and welcoming Scottish voice of the secretary, Annette.  Graham Lord, a director, could not be more helpful, and forwarded all the necessary information.  We arranged a date for him to visit St. Margaret's, and 1 was greatly impressed by his sensitivity for the lovely interior of our church.  The choir and organ are situated on a raised platform at the back of the church, and there was no obvious place for the loudspeakers. However, Graham came up with an excellent solution. He would build a cabinet to contain the speakers, weighing almost 5 cwts, and site them on a ledge to be built into the wall above the windows at the rear of the church.  A local contractor attended to Grahams design, and angle irons were bolted firmly into strong Scottish granite, and the shelf fitted to receive the speakers.  The operation of lifting the heavy speakers, about 30 feet up the scaffolding, went without a hitch, and the cabinet, fronted by real organ pipes to conceal the speakers, was safely in place.  It is as though it was always part of church, and looks very natural and attractive.

The organ console is beautifully crafted in oak to fit in with the existing woodwork of the church, and, of course, the tonal quality of the organ is superb.  Graham and his assistant took considerable time the following day, with the aid of their portable computer, to make the necessary adjustments to the digital components to ensure that the tone was correct for the building. 1 would defy anyone to distinguish the tone from a real pipe organ.  It has been a great pleasure dealing with a family firm, who are so helpful and whose only aim is to ensure that their clients are satisfied.  Never at any time was there any pressure put upon us to buy, for their only concern was to ensure that we were happy with our decision.

Our congregation is delighted with the new organ, and the quality of singing has definitely improved now that it is sustained by a true pipe-organ sound! 1 am sure our benefactors in heaven are equally pleased to know that their kindness and thoughtfulness has been such a great blessing to the parish.

With my renewed thanks for your help and advice, and also for your great patience in dealing with all my queries - and not forgetting your ever-helpful secretary, Annette."

Dr. A. M. A. Naylor

Dr. A. M. A. Naylor

Arundel Cathedral

Thank you for dropping everything and coming down to sort out the problem. This once again demonstrates that the care and attention that Wyvern give to their customers is of the highest standard - nothing is too much trouble.

Rosemary Anderson

Rosemary Anderson

Wigtown Parish Church.

"When our church started Looking for a replacement organ I was horrified at the prospect of not being able to repair or replace the existing pipe organ.  I felt nothing could be as good - that is until I started my own Investigations into alternatives.  I soon realised that in the present financial climate it would not be good stewardship to spend vast amounts on an instrument that very few would feel able to play in the future when there was a much more financially feasible alternative in a new state of the art electronic organ.  When I heard the sorts of sounds it was possible to obtain from a modern Instrument I was amazed. 

We elected to have the new Wyvern organ installed this year and I can say that we have never looked back since then.  I am astounded at the variety and colour it is possible to achieve from this instrument and I derive great pleasure from practising at all times of the day.  Already quite a few interested parties from neighbouring churches have been to see and hear for themselves and they have all been delighted with what they found.  It Is indeed a wonderful aid to worship and I would defy anyone who did not know to be able to tell it was not a pipe organ - apart from the fact that on sight it would be obvious that you could not get the amount of stops from the space available. I should also say that I am delighted to help in any way with the positive promotion of Wyvern."
Rosemary Anderson, Wigtown Parish Church.

Graham C Lindsay

Graham C Lindsay


I had a marvelous three hours playing the wonderful 3 manual organ of St Ninians Old Parish Church in Stirling. I was like a wee child with a new toy. Sadly I had to drag myself of the instrument as I had to go home, blast. Fabulous