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Wyvern Pastorale Range

Wyvern Pastorale organs have a typically British specification and are housed in a quality oak consoles with traditional wooden draw stops with LED indicators. They can also be built with optional electric moving draw stop action.

These compact and self-contained organs have an extensive integral audio system. They are ideal for the smaller church or school chapel where external speakers can be difficult to locate. The Wyvern Pastorale has also found favour with professional organists where quality of tone may be more important than an extensive stop list. The high quality sound allied to the stunning console craftmanship also make this a popular choice for the more demanding home organist.

A powerful tone generation system, multi channels and refined voicing data ensures that each stop is of exceptional quality and character.


The organs include a voice controller that displays settings such as Transposer, Piston Memory (optional), Pitch and Tremulant. The controller also allows the organist to adjust the voice characteristics of each stop including: chorus, tone, pitch, and volume and can also be regulated on a note-by-note basis. To retain the traditional lines of the instrument the controller neatly hinges out of sight when not in use.

Other options include: wooden keyboards, additional pistons and different wood finishes.