Wyvern Concerto 340 LDS

Concerto 340 LDS

We are pleased to announce the new Wyvern Concerto 340, an attractive compact three manual drawstop organ. This is a beautifully crafted oak console with a 32 note radial/concave pedalboard and forty speaking stops. Choose between illuminated drawstops or optional full moving action.

This is very much a British organ built on samples from notable English organs and the third manual is a conventional English Choir. In addition to the English stop list there are three alternative specifications: German Baroque, French Romantic and Dutch, offering the organist truly versatile potential to register music from all periods and genres.

There is a generous provision of programmable general and department thumb and toe pistons. For home organists the organ has a comprehensive in built speaker system with eight channels that creates a spatial sound of cathedral quality.

For churches the Concerto 340 provides the flexibility of three manuals without having an over large stop list and will suit many mid size parish churches.


General specification

3 x 61 note manuals, 32 note radiating concave pedalboard. 2 expression pedals. 10 general pistons. 6 pistons to Great & Pedal, 6 pistons to Swell. 6 pistons to Choir. Toe reversers: Sw-Ped, Gt-Ped, Sw-Gt. Setter piston. General cancel. Full capture system. Midi On/Off Pedal Great Swell & Choir. In-built voicing controller. Audio: 10 ch watt 20 speakers.


Width 1690 mm. Height 1350 mm. Depth 725 mm. Depth inc. pedalboard 1150 mm.