Wyvern CD2 WpX

Wyvern CD2 WpX

An impressive two manual organ with full moving action KA drawstops now with 38 speaking stops each having great character. The organ has a traditional British specification and is fully equipped with general and divisional thumb pistons, thumb and toe reversers.

This organ has fond memories for us: we first built it as an early production example of the fledgling Wyvern-Bradford system that we engineered back in the day with the University of Bradford, Wyvern and what was the original Copeman Hart Co.

This particular organ became our production demonstrator and was then configured with a large external audio system. It saw service with BBC World Service broadcasts and numerous recitals so the old girl had gone round the block at bit. We retired her, stripped out the Bradford system and rebuilt her with modern WpX technology. For extra flexibility we installed internal speakers that can be converted for externals if required.

 To bring the organ up to current standard it is now under going a re fit with 2020 WpX technology that will also provide a wider range of new samples to give additional sample choice during on site voicing. It will be available on completion of the work in the New Year.

Dimensions: W. 1652 mm D.790 mm H. 1350 mm D. inc pedalboard approx 1000 mm.