Wyvern Pastorale Classic 343

Wyvern Pastorale Classic 343

This lovely organ from 2017 is a comprehensive three manual housed in a beautiful hand crafted console with 3 x 61 note manuals and 32 note radial concave board and drawstop control.

This is the "Classic" version of the Pastorale hosting additional generators and audio for ultimate sound quality. It has a traditional English specification plus a second French Romantic stop list. It is fitted with optional wood cap keyboards, toe sweeps and a full set of toe and thumb pistons. It has a full set divisional and general pistons plus a stepper system to each manual. This one looks stunning in Georgian oak with contrasting rosewood key jambs and the reverse wood cap keyboards.

The organ is awaiting a software update and can also be tailored to suit your own requirements.

Dimensions; Width 154 cm, Depth 65 cm, Height 180 cm. Depth with pedals circa 110 cm.