Wyvern Pastorale 346 MDS

Wyvern Pastorale Classic 346 MDS

This lovely organ from 2014 is a comprehensive three manual housed in a beautiful hand crafted console with 3 x 61 note manuals and 32 note radial concave board and drawstop control. Just one private owner and looks as if it has just come from the factory.

This is the "Classic" version of the Pastorale hosting additional generators and audio for ultimate sound quality. The extensive audio extends to 24 channels plus a further two dedicated sub bass outputs with sub cube in matching natural oak that perfectly matches this handsome console.

It has a traditional English specification plus alternative French, German and Dutch stop list. It is fitted with optional Kimber Allen moving action drawstops and is fully equipped with a full set of divisional and general pistons, a stepper system to each manual and toe pistons. 

The organ is awaiting new software and will be revoiced. With flexible voicing it can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Dimensions; Width 155 cm, Depth 60 cm, Height 179 cm. Depth with pedals circa 112 cm.