Wyvern Concerto 346MDS

Wyvern Concerto 346 MDS

Thinking of moving up to a three manual or a moving action draw stop or both? The Concerto 346 is a comprehensive three manual nicely wrapped up in a beautiful hand crafted oak drawstop console with 3 x 61 note manuals and 32 note radial concave board. This one is out of the top draw with just about every concievable optional extra: Full electric action moving K.A. drawstops, reverse colour wooden keyboards, stepper system and adjustable bench. The organ has three separate specifications: English, French and German each stop list indicated by engraved magnetic overlays. There is also a Theatre voiced spec.

It has all the usual couplers plus Sub and Super Octaves, a full set of general and divisional thumb pistons. This one is in light oak with optional crescendo pedal (and pedal indicators), adjustable bench plus thumb and toe stepper pistons making it a very comprehensive spec. This Concerto has an impressive 8 channel audio system and this one is further complemented with an optional sub output that will take a sub cube for low end pedal if required.

The organ is just four years old and is as new in every respect.