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Mixtuur UK, Hauptwerk Organs.

We are proud to announce that Wyvern are UK distributors for Mixtuur Organs, an exciting range of Hauptwerk organs that starts with the new Etude from £9,950.

All Mixtuur UK instruments from the Intrada have quality hand crafted oak consoles built to a higher UK specification. This includes correctly alligned layouts for the UK, radial concave pedalboards, divisional and general pistons plus stepper thumb/toe pistons for each division.

Mixtuur are specialist builders of Hauptwerk instruments with a well proven track record and have developed a sophisticated in house systems specifically for Hauptwerk software. This is fully integrated into high quality consoles with a user-friendly interface and touch screen control.

What really sets these organs apart is the seemlessly integrated front-end that makes each organ intuitive and easy to control. You can change sample sets at the touch of a button, record from the organ or set up pistons as easily as with a conventional organ.

There is a wide range of two, three or four manual instruments with a choice of touch screens, drawstops or a combination of both. Choose also from a wide range of options including wooden key runs, additional pistons and surround sound audio.

Mixtuur organs come preloaded with free or demo sample sets: Etude - St Annes Moseley, Guibiasco, Friesach, Cembalo Mietke. Block B and C and other Mixtuur organs: St Annes Moseley, Guibiasco, Friesach, Cembalo Mietke, St. Marien Nordenheim, Cembalo Mietke, Gapinge, Carlo, Smecno, Kdousov, Rotterdam mini.