Mixtuur Etude II

Mixtuur Etude II

New entry level Hauptwerk organ by Mixtuur. Compact contemporary console with inbuilt speaker system, full compass pedalboard and slide out screen.

The standard Etude is housed in a compact laminate console and straight pedalboard. Also available as Etude Delux with real oak console and the Etude Delux UK: real oak console, upgraded expression pedals and radial concave pedal board. The organ is equipped with high-quality extendable touchscreen. This screen provides access to over 60 virtual register switches and preset buttons for choosing registers, sample sets and save chosen registrations.

The Etude has a first class reproduction of sound. This elegant piece of furniture accommodates five speakers and has a three channel amplifier system including Mixtuur Digital Sound Processor (DSP). The authentic sound of this organ creates the perfect ambiance in your living room. 

The organ comes preloaded as standard with the Hauptwerk Advanced operating system. In addition it includes a range of sample sets plus some partial sets for evaluation. Simply add your own additional preferred sample sets or we can pre load them during building. As with all Mixtuur organs no knowledge of Hauptwerk™ is required - simply switch on and play!

Etude laminate console, straight pedalboard.                                                   £9,995
Etude Delux oak console. straight pedalboard.                                                 £10,750
Etude Delux UK oak console, r/c pedalboard, upgraded expression pedals.   £11,560



General specification

Includes 4 x free sample sets: St Annes Moseley, Guibiasco, Friesach, Cembalo Mietke


Width 1252mm Height 1254mm Depth 520mm Depth inc Pedalboard 893mm