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Christ Church


The 1907 Abbott & Smith pipe organ of Prestatyn Parish Church served the congregation well into the 1980s before a disastrous rebuild and enlargement of the instrument took place. Pipes from various sources were added to create an instrument of 40 speaking stops playable over three manuals and pedals. A “new” console was provided, which was in fact “new” to the church rather than newly made, and the quality of workmanship was poor in the extreme.  Aging leather work was not renewed and pneumatic motors were bursting all over the place. The electrics were highly dubious and frequently notes and stops would “vanish” midway through a piece of music.  The winding of the organ was so bad that there was a pronounced “wind-wobble”, and added to this, a hyper-efficient central heating system played havoc with the tuning.

The Vicar, Rev D Quentin Bellamy MA BMus, and himself an organist, says:
“It was clear that something had to be done. The cost of rebuilding the organ would have been far beyond the means of the Parish, and in any case several organ builders declared that it would simply not be cost-effective. There were two options facing the Parochial Church Council: either to replace the organ with a second hand pipe organ, or to purchase a brand new digital organ. The latter was the unanimous decision, and we have not regretted it in the slightest.

The new organ is controlled by a beautifully crafted three manual drawstop console by Wyvern which is a delight to play; it is extremely comfortable and a joy to behold. The Wyvern WpX system of tone generation is incorporated and essentially a great majority of the people who come to church are unaware that they are not listening to an extremely fine pipe organ.  Those who had any initial doubts about having an “electronic” organ in church are thrilled with the results. At last we have an organ which is thoroughly worthy of our Parish Church.”