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Shown below is some of the feedback we have received from our clients. If you would like to send us a comment, please fill in the form at the right side of the page.

Having played some Bach on the German Baroque voicing, there is some wonderful similarity to the sound of North German Organs (some dating back to Bach’s day) which I have on a couple of DVDs where the organs are played by John Scott Whiteley (ex York Minster).  Fabulous sound!  – Bach as it would have sounded when he wrote it!  I really am chuffed with the 346. Duncan S Bradley.GBSM,ABSM (Gen Mus), ABSM (Organ), FASC. Cert Ed. Reader, Organist and Director of Music, St Mary’s Church, Southampton City Centre Parish

Duncan S. Bradley

I had a marvelous three hours playing the wonderful 3 manual organ of St Ninians Old Parish Church in Stirling. I was like a wee child with a new toy. Sadly I had to drag myself of the instrument as I had to go home, blast. Fabulous

Graham C Lindsay

Many thanks for the assistance given to me by both the Wyvern office personnel and that of Royston in the repair I was performing to the organ in St Philip and St James church in Upnor Kent. As a self employed engineer I usually find that most repair tasks mean that you are very much on your own in the diagnostic and repair of these things. With an organ some 28 years old I was wondering if any of the circuitry would still be current. My call to Royston was a real pleasure. Its great to speak to a fellow …

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Dave Tutt

Wyvern Pastorale 226 The Wyvern Pastorale 226 is a stunning musical instrument – one of the most satisfying organs I have ever played… and the list of those that I have found wholly satisfying is not a long one. Even the greatest pipe organ is probably at its best in only one school of repertoire; with its amazingly complete 26-stop specification, and its 34 historical tunings (which change its character entirely), the Wyvern Pastorale 226 is a miracle of organ design – and its nature, being so readily switchable, makes it versatile but without the element of compromise that dogs …

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Mark Blatchly

Hi, Thank you very much for the lovely organ installed here at Christ Church Freemantle. Myself, choir and congregation have settled in with it very well. It really fills the Church with a whole new sound, and has renewed my love of playing. The choir are very much enjoying singing with the instrument. We have the first recital on it on Tuesday 8th June with myself and Richard playing if anyone can make it down. 7.30pm. Thanks again, Craig

Craig Lawton, Southampton

Thanks for the Wyvern Organ in my new home the wonderful 5 man Digital Organ now in my home gives the sound like Liverpool to St Paul’s Cathedral organ. Amazing sound.. Thank u

Aaron Maccaffety

Hi Guys I couldn’t possibly let this opportunity pass to praise you to the skies! It was one of the best things I ever did to make my initial enquiry when I started to look for a home organ. Not only did I find a fabulous Koralia, then a Toccata III, and soon I’ll be taking delivery of a groovy WpX rebuild of a DS80 with all the trimmings – not only all of that, but I met some great new friends! I’m really looking forward to coming to the new showroom to celebrate with Annette and a box of …

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Quentin Bellamy

Paul I have bought two organs from you and Graham, over the past seven years both with the WpX technology. The first was an Exeter rebuild which I have just replaced with a ST rebuild based on the C220. I have been delighted with both instruments. Before I bought the Exeter seven years ago I tested the rival products from most of the other manufactures and there was simply no comparison. The quality of the Wyvern WpX sound is exceptional, and with the new instrument I now have even more tonal variety. But just as importantly I have been highly …

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Nick Hedley

I’ve just been alerted to your feedback page and am delighted to say how pleased I’ve been with the Mk IV Sonata I purchased in December 2006. I decided rather late in life (56!) to learn to play the organ and I felt I’d only have a chance of achieving this if I had my own practice instrument. The Sonata has exceeded all my expectations for sound quality, comfort and appearance and it’s compact enough to suit a smallish room as well. Thank you and very best wishes

Jen Luffman

Having not visited your website for some time, I was unaware that you had created a facility for customer feedback, but I am very pleased to avail myself of it to tell you how delighted I am with the Toccata 1 which I purchased from you last September. It would be difficult to imagine such tonal quality being surpassed on a standard specification organ in this price range. The “Octave” and “Sub Octave” features, in particular, provide a remarkably realistic tone to the Swell ensemble, but every feature of this organ is inspirational and testimony to Wyvern’s superb craftsmanship. I …

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Adrian Spratt (Bath)

It’s now over 30 years since my first contact with your company and with your excellent organs. Over the years we have installed instruments in five churches:- Saint Andrew’s Willesden Green, Saint Francis’ Gladstone Park, Saint Mary’s Tottenham, Saint John of Jerusalem South Hackney – all in North London – and Saint Martin’s Torquay; I have also bought three organs and one piano for my various homes. It continues to be an absolute delight to do business with you and I look forward to taking delivery of my new Wyvern Pavanne 231 later this month. Thank you Graham and Paul …

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Robert Osmond

I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with my new (2nd hand 3yr old) Sonata. It is everything I hoped it would be! Many thanks for making the whole process of buying it so pleasurable and unpressured. You may like to know that I came to Wyverns not only because I was already very familiar with a Wyvern organ, but also because you are so upfront about your prices!

Ian Verran