Wyvern WpX

When we changed from Bradford technology to WpX it was not easy and I don’t mean technically but, like a good marriage we were emotionally involved: we had after all been commissioned to engineer Bradford back in the eighties while it was still a collection of boards in a lab.

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Flexible Voicing

Pipe organs can have hundreds, if not thousands of organ pipes, all with their own peculiar characteristics. Even the best pipe organs are not in absolutely perfect regulation and tuning, and it is these and other facets that give the organ it’s intrinsic character. The new Wyvern WpX voicing programme allows control over an unparalleled number of parameters to emulate the idiosyncrasies of the pipe organ, or even the styles of any one builder.

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Pipe Organ Augmentation

In the course of our work, we often encounter pipe organs that for various reasons are unsuitable in design limited in tone or are requiring costly rebuilds.

In some instances the existing pipe organ still has potential for expansion or repair but sadly, all too often, such schemes are abandoned for economic reasons. Against this background Wyvern have developed a pipe & tone control system.

This takes the place of conventional actions of a pipe organ for the control of pipes, stops and couplers. It also provides the organist with the means of programming piston memories. But it is the ability of the to add extra stops that is so unique. For example, a 32′ pedal stop or say a five rank mixture, expensive stops in pipe ranks, can be added for a modest cost.