Second Hand Organs

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We usually have a quick turnaround of second-hand organs but often they are sold before they get to this page. However we often know in advance of organs coming in so if you don't see what you are looking for here please call us so we can advise when a particular model is due. We are also happy to reserve an organ for you without obligation pending your visit.
Wyvern C332



Another fine example of this popular compact three manual. 3 x 61 note manuals, 32 note R & C pedalboard with a late version of Wyvern-Bradford digital technology. This impressive three manual organ has full moving action KA drawstops. Usually built with 32 speaking stops of great character this is a particularly nice example with four extra stops including a Trompette en Chamade on the Choir and a Super Octave coupler giving 36 speaking stops overall. The console is in very nice condition finished in Georgian oak. The organ has a traditional British specification and is fully equipped with general …

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Wyvern Sonata 236



From the current generation of Sonata models this is the slightly larger spec model with 36 speaking stops. Just a few years old and looks as new so offers a great chance to get a current example of this popular model. 2 x 61 note manuals, 30 note R & C pedalboard. 36 speaking stops programmable pistons: 6 to each manual and 6 generals and the four separate stop lists: English (as engraved on the stops); French; German and Dutch.