Dave Tutt

Many thanks for the assistance given to me by both the Wyvern office personnel and that of Royston in the repair I was performing to the organ in St Philip and St James church in Upnor Kent. As a self employed engineer I usually find that most repair tasks mean that you are very much on your own in the diagnostic and repair of these things. With an organ some 28 years old I was wondering if any of the circuitry would still be current. My call to Royston was a real pleasure. Its great to speak to a fellow engineer who is prepared to discuss the subject rather than as usual just being fobbed off.
The chruch now has a fully functioning organ with just two IC’s changed (although with many scrapped fingers for me trying to get the boards in and out and in darkness!) and neither of them in the endangered IC list requiring me to fit something rather more expensive than a pair of cmos 4050’s. Brilliant service.
Many thanks once again.


Dave Tutt