Nick Hedley


I have bought two organs from you and Graham, over the past seven years both with the WpX technology. The first was an Exeter rebuild which I have just replaced with a ST rebuild based on the C220.

I have been delighted with both instruments. Before I bought the Exeter seven years ago I tested the rival products from most of the other manufactures and there was simply no comparison. The quality of the Wyvern WpX sound is exceptional, and with the new instrument I now have even more tonal variety. But just as importantly I have been highly appreciative of the after-sales service and care that Arthur Lord / Wyvern have extended to me over the years. It simply could not have been faulted.

Taking these two factors together (the superb realism / sound quality plus the level of old-fashioned customer care) it never occurred to me to consider any other company when I wanted to upgrade from the Exeter.

(Incidentally, to anyone reading this, my old Exeter which I part exchanged with Paul and Graham is now for sale at Wyvern and while it has a relatively small stop list it does have great character and charm. I woudl liken it to the sort of (good) two manual organ you woudl find in a reasonably large Parish Church in an old Engliush Market Town. I can reccomend it!)

Nick Hedley