Robert Osmond

It’s now over 30 years since my first contact with your company and with your excellent organs.

Over the years we have installed instruments in five churches:- Saint Andrew’s Willesden Green, Saint Francis’ Gladstone Park, Saint Mary’s Tottenham, Saint John of Jerusalem South Hackney – all in North London – and Saint Martin’s Torquay; I have also bought three organs and one piano for my various homes.

It continues to be an absolute delight to do business with you and I look forward to taking delivery of my new Wyvern Pavanne 231 later this month.

Thank you Graham and Paul for the splendid service and marvellous instruments during the past three decades.

Robert Osmond



Hi Paul,

Just a thank you e-mail for the prompt and courteous attention we received at St. Martin’s, Barton, Torquay to rectify the capture system problems. David (an associate of Royston) attended and gave us great service and all has been well since the visit. We also moved the console to the other side of the gallery so the player is not quite so on top of the sound.

It’s now 11 years since the C220 was installed in St. Martins (can you believe it ?) and it has been a truly wonderful instrument for the Parish. I was involved in the selection process when I acted as an advisor from Plymouth Cathedral and I have been playing it week-by-week since July 1999 myself. During that time there have only been two faults including this latest one, the other being that it needed a new Swell Pedal a couple of years back. It admirably supported a very full church and a choir of 40 when we had the Archbishop of Canterbury with us for a mass last year,

My best wishes to you and all the team at Wyvern. I hope to visit your new showrooms before too long.

Best wishes
Robert Osmond