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Wyvern stop tab organs all have high quality robust oak consoles with a choice of traditional closed console with an oak slatted roll top or the more compact open console of the Pavane range. Stop tabs are high quality rocker tabs that illuminate when selected by hand or via piston selection.

This latest range builds upon this success of the original Wyvern MPS organs that were successful due in part to their mellow voicing that is more to our British tastes. In addition to the English stop list, the organist can switch to three alternative specifications: German Baroque, French Romantic and Dutch, offering the potential to register music from all periods and genres: literally four organs in one console. In addition they can be used as a midi console for Hauptwerk

Their tonal quality is now even more impressive achieved by using a powerful new generator system with every note of each rank individually sampled giving a high degree of tonal accuracy ensuring stops retain their individual character. With new specifications, extended audio and a radically new generator system, these new organs signal a major advance. Muliple generators, produce ranks of slightly different tuning to create a 'living' sound producing rich choruses. The system is so flexible that the voicer can tailor the sound to exactly match the buildings environment.

All organs include a voice controller with a back lit led display used to customise your organ. You can control settings such as Transposer, Piston Memory, Pitch and Tremulant, but it does so much more. The organist now has complete control over the voice characteristics of each individual stop including: chorus, tone, pitch, and volume. It also enables regulation on a note-by-note basis.

The elegance of the real oak consoles with solid oak slat roll tops give them a refined air of quality and there is a choice of light or dark oak or at extra cost a further range of different wood finishes. With an extensive list of options it is possible to build your organ to your own individual requirements.